The Mind and Body Weight loss Programme

This is a 6 week programme aimed at people who have tried the diet route and failed. This is not a diet. It teaches you about your relationship with food and changes that relationship for good. Each session focuses on a particular area, which will help you to think about food in a different way and enable you to really think about why you overeat and how you can change this using the strategies taught. It is a group session for one hour, no weighing is involved in group. Each person has the option of a personal one off, half an hour, one to one session with the hypnotherapist during the six weeks. These will be booked in before or after the sessions if required. The group session will involve training you how to change your relationship with food and will teach you strategies to enable you to make long term changes for life. The last part of the session will involve group relaxation techniques that will focus upon positive suggestions to your subconscious mind in order for you to make those changes much more easily. Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques will change the way you think in order to achieve your goal and keep the weight  off.

Topics covered:

  • Week 1 Introduction to the Mind and Body Programme Get the results you want through well-formed outcomes.
  • Week 2 Trim Slim thinking. Versus Fat thinking. Sugar addition.
  • Week 3 Stress management and emotional eating. The effects of sugar.
  • Week 4 Mind Management: NLP Slender eating strategy.
  • Week 5 The benefits of exercise and getting motivated.
  • Week 6 Keep going: Make changes last, make motivation last.    At the end of each session you will be sent an mp3 recording of an hypnotherapy script related to the context of the session to be listened to each evening to enable suggestions to enter the subconscious mind. Specific tasks will be given to  do at home at the end of each session. There are two types of sessions available:
  • A group of up to six people.
  • A  group of 10 plus people.
  • Prices range from £20 for a small group each session and £12 for a larger group each session. One to one half hour sessions are  offered for an additional £15 if required.
  • Location: clinics are held in Cabelo in Tettenhall, Dudley Leisure Centre and Diamonds Beauty Salon in Coseley.
Mind and Body Weight loss

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